1. Entrance to the MAIN CLUB/BAR is by the main lobby entrance ONLY. There is NO EXIT via the main lobby entrance. We have a one-way system in operation.
  2. You must sign in and sanitize your hands.
  3. Only one person is allowed at the bar at any one time. If you are in the queue, please stand in front of the kitchen hatch and tail round by the notice board & of course observe social distancing at all times.
  4. You exit the Club via the long room exit ONLY. DO NOT enter the Club via this exit only door.
  5. All glasses to be placed in the baskets provided and you are responsible to fully clear your table of all glasses, bottles & general rubbish please.
  6. Additional signage will appear next week to ensure we all adhere to the rules together with screens for the bar. 

Club Headlines

2017 Don Smith Club Handicap Cup


2017 Don Smith Club Handicap Cup Winner

A great win for Tino Ratinon who finished in pole position after a great evening's table tennis at the club. Our thanks to Sue, Raj and Steve for organizing another fun tournament.

Tino receives the the Don Smith Handicap Cup from Steve Hunt.

Can you play like this?

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